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Using a trampoline has many fitness benefits


A garden trampoline is not only fun but a garden trampoline has many health and fitness benefits.  Jumping on a trampoline will increase the heart rate, improve muscular strength and endurance and improve mobility.  Exercising on a trampoline is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape whilst enjoying the workout and in terms of calorie expenditure, jumping on a trampoline can burn around 100 calories in fifteen minutes.

There are many exercises you can do on a trampoline such as knee high running on the spot, tuck jumps, bounce and kick, star jumps, spotty dogs ans seat drops.  All of these exercises will increase the heart rate and help to tone the legs, hips and bum. The exercises should be repeated in sets to suit your level of ability.  The more often you use your trampoline the easier your workout will become and you will soon find that you can start to increase the number of repitions for each exercise. 

Both garden trampolines and rebounder trampolines can be used to improve your health and fitness and any age can benefit from using the trampoline as a form of exercise.  The golden rule is to workout on your trampoline at a level that is suitable for you and when possible progress the workout by increasing reps and sets of each exercise.

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