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Telstar Combination Trampolines


A range of trampolines can be viewed at this range includes the Telstar combination package. This package can be purchased in 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft sizes. All sizes in the Telstar combination trampoline range are supplied with safety net / safety enclosures and a cover for the bounce mat. The 10ft, 12ft and 14ft Telstar combination packages also include a ladder.

A ladder is not included with the 8ft trampoline as this has a lower frame, making the bounce mat nearer to the ground.

The Telstar combination package is at the budget end of the Telstar range but is still very well engineered and manufactured.  The 8ft and 10ft Telstar combination packages have maximum user weights of 100kg, up to 110kg for the 12ft and 14ft versions.

As with all trampolines we recommend the use of a trampoline tie down kit (TDK) to ensure the trampoline will not move during use or during strong winds.

All models within the Telstar combination range are designed for easy home assembly and require no drilling as all holes are pre drilled.

If you want to view further information on the Telstar trampoline combination packages you can do this by going to

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