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Jumpking Trampolines


Jumpking trampolines originated in the USA and have now been around for a little over 20 years and fast become popular in the UK and Europe stretching as far as Australia. In 2006 Jumpking range became the biggest selling trampoline in the UK.

The Jumpking trampolines feature the unique Tri-Socket layer (weld free frame) making it one of the strongest and safest trampoline frames on the market. One of the other reasons that set Jumpking trampolines apart from other makes is the safety enclosure. This as well as being strong and secure, covers the bouncing area (on the inside of the surround pad) so there should be no accidents with children jumping off the bed and through the spring area, a common occurrence with trampolines that have the safety enclosure on the outside of the surround pad.  Jumpking also has the unique design of the under and over springs giving an intense bouncing experience unlike other trampolines where they will all be at the top of the frame giving not such a great experience.

The Most popular designs of the Jumpking garden trampoline are the Jump pod and the Ovalpod. They are both great designs and will keep your children happy in the garden for hours at a time. You will be able to find a great range of the Jumpking trampolines at where you will also find great deals with free accessories.

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