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Do I need To Use A Trampoline Tie Down Kit


There are many different accessories which can be purchased along with your trampoline, such as jump tune speakers, ladders and covers. One of the accessories often over looked is a trampoline tie down kit (TDK).

The trampoline tie down kit (TDK) is used to anchor the trampoline to the floor to ensure that during use or strong winds the trampoline cannot move.

The use of a trampoline tie down kit (TDK) is even more important if the trampoline is sited on slightly uneven ground or if you intend to use the trampoline with a trampoline dome tent or a Telstar circus tent. When these are attached to any garden trampoline the surface area is increased and therefore greatly increasing the chances of the trampoline being moved or possibly over turned by the wind.

Trampoline tie down kits (TDK) are not trampoline specific and the same kit can be used on jumpking and Telstar trampolines, this is also true of the trampoline size the same kit will suit an 8ft trampoline and a 14ft trampoline or larger.

Please visit to purchase your trampoline tie down kit, you can also find more helpful information on garden trampolines there.

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