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Autistic Children Love Trampolines


Vigorous exercise on a trampoline is excellent for most autistic children as they love bouncing on everything, this also helps with co-ordination and balancing. When an autistic child is on a trampoline it also helps to burn loads of energy and very often helps them to ‘Chill out’.

Trampolines feel good to children with sensory-imbalanced systems because they can provide excellent propriceptive (awareness of one’s body position) input and vestibular (how the responds to movement through space). Jumping and balancing on a trampoline can help physically and sensory intergrate the body’s different systems.

A large 12ft or 14ft trampoline can be very therapeutic and fun for children with autism, or even if you do not have the space for a large trampoline an 8ft or 10ft would be suffice. You will be able to find a great range of large round trampolines to small round trampolines and even the new Oval designs at

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