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Weekly Rabbit Care

25/10/2010 All hutches should be cleaned thoroughly at least once weekly or even twice weekly.

All mesh fronts of the rabbit cage should have fluff brushed off thoroughly with disinfectant. Cardboard boxes used for games should also be replaced every 7 days and these are great for wearing down their teeth on or even just to play,hide or forage in.

Food bowls and water bottles should be washed up and replenished and if your bunnys live in a shed the windows will need to be cleaned to let in light and left open to provide a good airing to prevent dust build up. 

A thorough weekly health check is advisable and every 6 weeks a rabbit will need to have its nails clipped if he has no access to hard wearing ground whilst being in his rabbit cage. If you have a run on the lawn its best to move it every week and collect up faeces so the ground doesn't become contaminated. The ideal housing to have is a hutch with run combination so the rabbit can exercise when he feels like it.

If there are cobwebs in the hutch this is a good way to keep the fly numbers down naturally. If not then flypapers would be a good thing to use around the rabbits housing to prevent the dreaded flystrike, which is obviously more common in the summer months. 




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