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Vegetables for Guinea Pigs

14/12/2010 Hard vegetables are good for the teeth...

and are an important source of minerals and vitamins. Green vegetables are a source of vitamin C and as guinea pigs cannot produce their own they need fresh food daily. These can be given in a variety of different ways. You could hide them within the guinea pig hutch under tubes, tunnels etc. They could also be hung from a feeding ball from the guinea pig hutch ceiling this way they have to work for their food. They could also be given in a rack attached to the guinea pigs hutch wall which will keep the food fresh and not contaminated with droppings.

Basic vegetables you could use are carrots, apples (without the seeds), green cabbage and dandelion leaves. Some guinea pigs will drag these to the closed part of the hutch to feed away from sight if they are nervous whereas they will eat infront of you if they are tame. When they hear you approach with a tasty snack they will get excited and squeek to you from their cages/hutch.

Some guinea pigs like more adventurous tastes of pear, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower leaves, aswell as celery and cucumber. Only give a quarter of an apple to each cavy in the guinea pig hutch, as the acid content can cause sores around the mouth.  


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