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Tips For Winter

29/11/2010 Rabbits are quite capable of staying outdoors in their hutches in cold/freezing weather

guinea pigs on the other hand will need their hutch to be brought inside to a shed or outbuilding. With your rabbit hutch you need to make sure the bedding is kept dry and clean in freezing temperatures. In the bedroom area of your rabbits hutch fill to the top with plenty of hay and use shavings for the base to soak up urine. Guinea Pig hutches should also be made up in the same way but with chopped straw at the bottom with lots of hay to snuggle up in.

For frozen drinking bottles that are attached to the rabbit and guinea pigs hutches you could put a drop of glycerine in to stop them freezing. Also an idea would be to wrap them in bubble wrap and put a sock over the top to insulate the bottle. With such a temperature change the bottles may begin to leak making the bedding in the rabbit hutch wet, which overnight will freeze and could pose a problem to your pets. You can also buy special bottle huggers which attach easily to the rabbit hutch front but these can prove expensive. If bottles do get frozen, defrost carefully as the plastic can crack and make sure the metal sipper is properly defrosted as the animal will not be able to drink form it if not.

Cover any rabbit hutches in extreme weather or on frosty nights with old carpet which will help to insulate the hutch or you can buy a hutch snuggles and/or hutch covers to prevent the rain and wind from chilling your pets when in their hutch. You can also buy a special heat pad which is placed in the microwave and then placed under the bedding in your rabbit or guinea pigs hutch, this will be beneficial to older animals or one kept on their own to keep them warm especially overingt in their hutches. These pads usually last around 10 hours from when first placed in your rabbits hutch.  


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