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The Rabbit Hutch

05/10/2010 Shelter is the most important element for your pet bunny. The simplest way to house them is a traditional hutch on legs to avoid dampness. There will be two compartments to a hutch the smaller closed in area will be for shelter and sleeping. The hutch will have a gap in the partition to allow access from one side to the other. The roof should have a slight overhang to protect from weather. It should be built of well seasoned wood and all joints and fixing must fit properly to avoid draughts to the occupants.

Ideally place your hutch out of direct sunlight in a sheltered position against a wall. Shade is extremely important in the summer as rabbits have no sweat glands. They are more sensitive to heat than cold and can get heatstroke due to only being able to lose heat through respiration.

 A rabbit will need to be able to hop 3 times along the length of the hutch and be able to ‘periscope’ up on its hind legs without its ears touching the ceiling.

 The more space you can give your pet the better, they will be much happier with a space to exercise and explore.

 A hutch with a run attached can be moved onto fresh grass every few days or if you are unable to supervise them a concrete base may be better as rabbits are avid diggers and can soon find their way out.

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