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Spring Clean Your Chicken Coop


Its soon time to spring clean your hen house


Products especially made for this purpose are Virkon disinfectant, Poultry Shield or Jeyes Fluid. If there is a lot of muck build up in your chicken coop from the winter a pressure washer is great for a thorough clean. Then spray out the chicken coop with one of the above products, don’t forget to get in all the nooks and crannys as this is where red mite will be hiding waiting to come out in the warmer weather.

Wait until we have a nice sunny day and get cleaning your chicken coop. Don't forget to clean the feeders and drinkers, remove all perches from the coop and scrape with a paint scraper to get rid of faeces build up, then spray and wait to dry before placing back into the hen house. Leave your hen house to dry naturally before replacing bedding and adding parasite prevention.

Remember to treat your birds and their chicken coop for parasites regularly. There are lots of powders and sprays on the market, which are safe to use in the bedding of the coop and on the birds as treatments or deterrents.

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