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Size of Guinea Pig Hutch

01/12/2010 The size...

of your guinea pig hutch will depend on the number of occupants it will house. For 2 guinea pigs a hutch or cage 62cms x 38cms x 38cms (2ft x 15 inches x 15 inches) gives them ample room provided they are allowed in a run every day for exercise. Guinea pigs do not like their hutches to be too roomy due to their poor eyesight and never feel safe in a massive hutch and run.


Woodchips are a bad idea for guinea pig hutch bedding as they have oils that are toxic to guinea pigs. The best thing to use when making up your hutch is newspaper, line the cage with this then add generous amounts of hay - you can never give too much hay in a guinea pigs hutch. Also chopped straw makes for a good cage bedding and is soft, fluffy and comfortable. The use of newspaper in a guinea pig hutch makes it so easy to roll everything up and dispose of it come cleaning out day. Thick layers of newspaper used in the guniea pig hutch holds the heat in winter so the guinea pigs are kept warm.





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