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Housing Your Cavy - Part 3

09/11/2010 The doors of the guniea pig hutch you choose should be strongly made.

They should also have strong bolts and fastenings on the cage if it is to situated outside. It is not that guinea pigs will force their way out of their hutch - it is to prevent unwanted visitors getting in. Animals which could pose a problem to your pets are cats, dogs, badgers, foxes and rats which are known to kill guinea pigs if able to enter into their hutches. Some of these animals are strong and can force the guinea pigs hutch door open. If these are animals which frequently visit your garden you may wish to place a strong bolt or even a lock on your guinea pigs hutch door for piece of mind. You should also keep a careful watch for attack by rats which will chew the guinea pigs hutch at the back and attack them in their own homes.


The roof of your planned guinea pig hutch should slope, and be higher at the front than at the back allowing water run off. If the hutch is to be kept outside, the roof should overhang all sides. The roof of the hutch should be covered with a good quality felt to make sure the occupants are kept warm and dry. It would be a good idea to place your guinea pigs hutch under a sheltered area or even bring it inside a shed when the weather turns bad as it allows the owner protection from the elements when cleaning out their pets hutch. 


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