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Getting New Hens


It is best to keep new chickens separate for 3 weeks in case they get stressed during the move and show signs of illness. If you are buying from a reputable breeder who vaccinates their stock you can introduce new birds to the chicken coop at bedtime. Just pop them on the lower perches of the hen house.

If keeping them in separate chicken coops, move the chicken coops /runs next to each other so they get used to each other for a few days before putting them all to bed together one night in the hen house. There will be some fighting but the more space they have the better. They should settle down in a few days.

If you collect you birds during the day then put in a separate run (or a chicken coop/house in the main run) also don't forget to give them food and water. Then put the new birds in the hen house with the others at bedtime.

You can add apple cider vinegar to the drinking water. Keep your new birds in the  hen house and run for a week or so, so they acclimatize before letting them out to free range if required.

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