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Fresh Water

17/09/2010 When it comes to giving fresh water to your chickens give them the best husbandry levels you can. Fresh water is of the utmost importance to your hens. They really need fresh water on a daily basis so don’t think its ok to let your hygiene standards slip.

There are many drinkers (galvanised or plastic), which store fresh water and allow it to release slowly into the bottom tray ensuring that it keeps fresh. These are the easiest and most practical way of ensuring your hens always have a fresh supply.

The cost of these drinkers will far outweigh the work involved with cleaning out old bowls and plastic tubs and will also make sure that water is not contaminated by faeces or mud turning the water fowl.  Drinkers should be placed outside but under cover from wild birds, don’t be tempted to keep them in the hens house.

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