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Food and Water

27/08/2010 As a rule it’s best to locate feeders inside the chicken coop. This prevents the feed being spoilt by rain and stops unwanted wild birds taking a free meal and generally contaminating near your birds with their faeces, which could spread diseases. Feeders should be placed on a block or hung from the coop ceiling so your own birds don’t spoil their food with bedding etc. Putting lids on your feeders will also stop them from perching on the lids of the feeders.

Drinkers should be a sufficient size to keep your birds going for a whole day. When they go to roost they will not drink overnight so drinkers can be kept outside of the actual hen house but covered if possible. Don’t be tempted to place them in the chicken coop as this can be a recipe for disaster. Spillages will lead to wetness on the birds litter promoting growth of mould and other undesirable organisms. Also this will create dampness in the atmosphere and increases the risk of respiratory problems.

Remember on a hot dry day to check drinkers are filled twice a day to prevent dehydration.  The most popular ‘green’ plastic drinkers come with legs to lift them off the ground but we would also suggest they are then placed on concrete blocks/bricks to prevent them being contaminated by faeces also.

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