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Bedding - Part 1

22/10/2010 There are lots of choices when it comes to what bedding to choose for your chicken coop.

Using the wrong product could cause problems with your birds. Whatever you choose a thorough clean of your coop will need to be done on a weekly basis where all the bedding is removed and replaced with fresh. This is especially important in the winter months when your birds are spending more hours in their coop due to weather conditions and daylight hours.

 Here are a few products, which you can use:

 Shavings are by far the best bedding you can have in you hen house. You can buy a bale for around £8 from feed merchants and this will keep you going for a while. It’s a good bedding for soaking up wetness and doesn’t make too much dust so you have a better environment for a start. Look out for the bales made for horses, which are dust extracted and more often than not are softwood shavings. Hardwood can cause splinters to the hens feet.

 Sawdust can be brought cheaply and this can attract people to buy it for their birds but this is a big mistake. There is so much dust involved that feeders and drinkers get clogged up and also it causes problems with your birds respiratory system and their eyes. Best avoided at all costs.

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