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Reviews for Henrietta's - GREEN

21st June, 2010
c whitham, bb7 1px
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Received my green Henrietta house this a.m.Managed to put it together .Easy peasy.Can,t wait for the residents to move in.Many thanks
8th July, 2010
Ray Jane and lily, York
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Chicken COOP and Run arrived as promised the day after ordering, we had initially decided on another coop and run but having spoken to staff at Pet Pads there advice based on our needs and space was spot on.The Coop and Run is very pleasent to the eye and our chickens, bella and betheny are very happy in it. Very easy to assemble (Dad and 5 year old daughter built in approx 20 minutes).Only negative point is that to secure wthe coops, which is necassary in some urban areas, is the number of locks and hasps required. But this is far outweighed by all the positive features and size.

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