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Trampolines are Great for New Mums


Being a new mum is a wonderful time and once you have seen your doctor at your six week check up you can start gentle exercise.  Having a new baby means you may need to exercise at home and one key piece of equipment is a rebounder trampoline.  A rebounder trampoline, also known as a fitness trampoline or mini trampoline is a small trampoline which can be used for general keep fit.

Rebounder trampolines are small, lightweight and portable and generally have removable legs for easy storage.  There are many exercises which can be performed on a mini trampoline such as jogging, star jumps, spotty dogs, skips, knee lifts, twists and many more. 

After having a baby you may find your pelvic floor muscles, a group of muscle fibres which span underneath the pelvis, have become weak.  Using a trampoline will encourage you to re-train these muscles and help tone and improve the function of these muscles.  With any exercise, you should start or by using your mini trampoline a little at a time.  Reps should be suitable for your level of ability and after a few weeks the number of reps on the trampoline should be increased to assist in your progression.

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