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Red Mite Treatment And Prevention Within The Chicken Coop


Red mites are bloodsucking insects. They live in the nooks and crannies of the hen house and under roofing felt / lino of the chicken coop roof structure. They come out at night when the hens are perching within the chicken coop and suck their blood. They are grey when they hatch and they turn red on their first blood meal from the hens. They are hardly visible to the naked eye.

Look out for a grey dust around the perches and doorways of the  hen house, the dust turns red when rubbed. Bad infestations may cause the hens to not go into the chicken coop at night / not perch or not lay eggs in the nest box within the hen house. A grey dust or red spots may be seen on the eggs when laid. Hens may be anaemic and have pale combs and wattles and lose condition and weight.


All hen owners should use preventative methods in their chicken coops and on their birds.

Lincoln louse powder is a Permethrin based product, which treats and helps prevent red mites and other insects in the chicken coop and bedding.

Barrier Organic Red Mite Powder is a herbal based product for prevention of red mites. To be used on hens and in the hen house.

Diatom Powder is natural diatomaceous earth powder and is ideal for organic keepers. Weekly you should treat on and around perch edges within the chicken coop. Monthly you can treat perch edges and all cracks and crevices in the hen house, especially under roofing felt.

CREOSOTE applied to the chicken coop outside and inside including perch ends, can help prevent red mites. Leave house to dry for a few days before putting hens back in the hen house due to the fumes.


Decimite Spray is an aerosol spray which kills red mites, use in the  hen house when you see the mites

Poultry Shield Liquid when diluted to the correct concentrate, can be used to disinfect housing, also kills and prevents red mites. It can be applied to all cracks and corners in the chicken coop.

Permethrin Sprays will kill red mites. Use in the hen house when you see the mites

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