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Housing Your Cavy

04/11/2010 Its advisable that you have everything ready for your new pet a few days before you collect him, including feed, hay and a suitable hutch.

The most important piece of equipment you will need is a guniea pig hutch. This can be single storey or a double rabbit hutch makes an excellent home. If your pet is to be housed in the garden the guinea pigs hutch will need to be sturdy and weatherproof, this will not be so important if the hutch is located inside a shed.

The strongest types of cages are made of good quality tongue - and - groove timber. The flooring will need to be easy to keep clean so a smooth surface is preferable or a hutch with a plastic tray in the bottom. Guinea pigs unlike rabbits will toilet through their entire hutch and cannot be trained to use a litter tray.

Some cages used for other animals with mesh floor is unadvisable for use with guinea pigs. They have no hair on their feet so can easily get painful blisters,which is sometimes referred to as 'bumblefoot'. 

The cage must not be allowed to sit on the ground as this will make it damp and rot, which is also an uncomfortable place for a guniea pig to live. Some good suppliers make hutch stands so your guinea pigs home will be safely off the ground away from damp and predators. The ideal height is 30 inches from the ground, that way it makes cleaning out the guinea pigs cage must easier and day to day care of your cavies easier on your back too.




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