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Feeding Bowls For Small Animals

06/12/2010 You will need to have a bowl to place in the guinea pigs hutch for their dry food.

Ideally, this should be fairly heavy so that the cavy/rabbit does not tip it up looking for its favourite morsel and make a mess of its hutch. It also needs to be easily washed. The earthenware dishes for small cats and dogs are ideal to place in the rabbit hutch and are about the correct size for one or two cavys or bunnies. A heavy feeding bowl is especially important if there is a litter present as a mother could overturn the bowl and therfore trap the baby inside, best to remove all bowls from rabbit/guinea pig hutches overnight to prevent this.

The animals will also need water to drink. The best method is a bottle with a metal angled spout which you wire onto the front of the rabbit hutch. This way is does not become contaminated with bedding or faeces from the rabbit hutch and will keep a supply fresh. Keep and eye on the bottle as a rabbit/ guinea pig can drink alot in the hot summer and in the winter these can freeze. These will need to be defrosted carefully as hot water could easily crack  the plastic meaning a leak into the rabbit hutch which is not good in the winter as the bedding within the hutch can freed providing a bad environmant for your pets. Remember to deforst the metal spout which protrudes into the rabbit/ guinea pig hutch thoroughly as these can become frozen solid also. 

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