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Common Problems

01/11/2010 There are some common faults which can lead to ill health and in many cases these can be prevented.

Problems with Stock

 - Badly reared youngsters

 - Purchase of cheap rabbits from an unknown source

 - Stock which has been weaned and taken from the mother too early (before 8 weeks of age)

Housing Problems

 - Overcrowded hutches

 - Inadequate bedding in the rabbit house

 - Dirty conditions

 - Poor ventilation

 - Inadequate protection from the weather (could easily be remidied with a rabbit hutch cover

Feeding Faults

 - Feeding damp or mouldy feed

 - Overfeeding or underfeeding

 - Irregular feeding

 - Feeding of poisonous plants or newly cut hay

Infectious Diseases

 - Failing to notice early sighn of ill health e.g scratching, sneezing, dull coat or runny eyes

 - Failure to isolate sick stock in a rabbit cage away from others

 - Handling healthy animals after touching diseased ones without hand washing

External Problems

 - Rats, mice, dogs, cats, stoats can all lead to panic and stress

Physical Injury

 - Careless handling

 - Bites from other rabbits

 - Protruding nails in hutches

 - Torn wire netting on hutches

 - Chipped food dishes


 - Using chemicals such as fly sprays near the rabbits house. A hutch painted with creosote, lead or gloss paint can be toxic, remember that a rabbit is an expert at gnawing his hutch.


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